Friday, October 28, 2011


The Premier League returns this weekend with a slate of mouth-watering fixtures. Let's outline what to watch for and what to expect.

Chelsea v. Arsenal

Prediction: RVP scores, but Arsenal loses. Van Persie has been just about the only thing that has gone Arsene Wenger's way this season. His goal-scoring form will continue at Stamford Bridge on Saturday afternoon, but Andre Villas-Boas will emerge victorious.

What to watch for: Fernando Torres returns from a three-match domestic ban for this game. He had been in his best form in years prior to the suspension, so watch for him to light it up.

Everton v. Man United

Prediction: United get back to winning ways. The Reds certainly look vulnerable, and Everton are one of the hardest teams in the league to face away from home, so maybe this is more of a bold prediction than it seems. Ferguson will accept nothing less than three points, though.

What to watch for: Vidic inexplicably missed last weekend's derby with Man City--and the final score showed how vital he can be. Does he return? And does Ferguson ever explain his absence?

Man City v. Wolves

Prediction: City scores another handful. I want so badly to call for a draw here, but I can't. I do think last week's result was generous for City, even though they were the better side. They are not the best team in the league yet--but Wolves are so woeful that anything less than a three goal defeat is naive.

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